guthries double chair – winter 2025

* Significant Increase in Lifting Capacity (33%)

* Longer Operating Period Each Winter, (less reliance on snow)

* Quick Travel Time (Under 4 Minutes)


Charlotte Pass Snow Resort (CPSR) first announced the replacement of Guthries Poma with a Double Chair in July 2021.  Following this we undertook a detailed assessment of the proposed development, in conjunction with the support of Ecological experts to minimise the impact of the proposed works.

CPSR first submitted a Development Application for the replacement of the lift in 2021, with the application being rejected by the Department of Planning shortly after.  The application was resubmitted in early 2022 and rejected again by the Department.  The application was submitted for a 3rd time in September 2022.

The Development Application was then subject to 3 additional rounds of Information requests, with the most recent coming from the Department of Planning just 6 days before Christmas.

After many rounds of additional discussions, the Department of Planning, Housing & Infrastructure finally consented to the application on 29th February 2024.

The consent included unprecedented conditions, restrictions and further consents required for the construction of a lift, including:

* A restriction on the use of the lift outside of winter – a condition that has never been applied on a lift Development Application previously.  We had intended to operate the chair during summer months as part of the resort’s year-round activation, but this is now not possible.

* Requirement for additional ecological consultants to oversee construction, never required in connection with lift construction before.

* A restriction on construction after 30th April each year, making the summer construction window significantly smaller than the nearby Mount Perisher project.

* Additional consents from other NSW Government Agencies, including a Road Occupation Licence & Section 138 Approval from Transport for New South Wales, as well as a Controlled Activity Approval from WaterNSW.

* Further Approval of 12 Operational & Management Plans by the Department of Planning prior to the commencement of works, many of which were not raised or discussed in the 6 previous rounds of Additional Information requests during the Assessment process.

While it appears that some of these conditions have been targeted at CPSR alone, in the interests of proceeding we had no choice but to accept them.  But we have reserved our rights to appeal them in the Land & Environment Court, where they may impact on our ability to operate the resort.

With only a 61-day construction window permitted by the consent, it is simply not possible to complete the construction of the chairlift for the 2024 snow season.

Due to the reduced construction window permitted by the Department of Planning, we no longer have confidence that the decommissioning & demolition of the Poma, as well as the installation of the new chairlift could be guaranteed to occur in a single summer construction period.

As a result this has meant that the decommissioning of the Guthries Poma has needed to occur prior to winter 2024, to ensure that the chairlift is fully operational for winter 2025.  This is similar to Perisher, where they have recently decommissioned the Double Chair on Mount Perisher prior to the 2024 snow season.

The Department of Planning was informed on at least 3 occasions (September, October & December 2023) that failure to approve the DA in a timely manner would see no lift in operation for the 2024 snow season.

While our team’s recent focus and efforts in recent weeks have been on the reconstruction of the Sewerage Treatment Plant, I can assure you it is still full steam ahead with the installation of the Double Chair for Winter 2025. 

I look forward to welcoming you to ride the Guthries Double Chair when it makes its debut next season.  In the meantime, you’ll be able to watch the progress of the build on this dedicated page. 


Why isn't Guthries Poma running this season?

With the Department of Planning only approving a reduced ‘Summer Months’ construction window compared to other lifts, the Guthries Poma has been decommissioned and the demolition approval process has commenced, to ensure there is sufficient time to construct the Double Chair prior to Winter 2025.

This risk was highlighted to the Department of Planning on multiple occasions, (in September, November and December 2023) when CPSR was imploring the Department to approve the new Chairlift.

How much less terrain can I ski/board this season?

Although Guthries Poma will not be in operation, this will only see a relatively small reduction in the size of the skiable terrain.  The lower sections of Rocky Road, Exhibition and Lenny’s Leap are all still accessible via Top of the World.  These lower sections will continue to be groomed, with access via the Pulpit T-Bar and Kosciuszko Triple Chair.

Regardless of the number of lifts in operation, skiable terrain is always variable and subject to snow and weather conditions.

Do I get a discount/refund on my pass because Guthries isn't operating?

Charlotte Pass Snow Resort froze its 2024 prices to be the same as 2023, one of the only snow resorts in Australia to do this.  Part of the consideration for freezing prices was the possibility that Guthries Double Chair may not be constructed in time for Winter 2024.

The areas open to ski and board are always variable each season, as they are dependent on snow and weather conditions.  The lower sections of all runs around Guthries Poma will be accessible via Top of the World, therefore there is only anticipated to be a relatively small reduction in the overall maximum skiable terrain available.

As per our Terms and Conditions, passes will not be refunded or credited if any CPSR facilities are not operating for any reason.

Why is it taking so long to replace the lift?

Charlotte Pass Snow Resort first submitted a Development Application in 2021 to replace the Guthries High Speed Poma.  Following two application rejections by the Department of Planning, the third application for assessment was accepted for assessment in September 2022.

The DA was then subject to 3 further rounds of Additional Information requests, with approval only being granted on 29th February 2024.  The approval included a condition that all construction activities must cease by 30th April each year.

With only 61 days between 29th February & 30th April, combined with the 15 further Management, Operational and Legislative approvals that the Department of Planning have required before work commences, means it is impossible to build the new lift in time for the 2024 snow season.

The current lift has been decommissioned to ensure that all construction works can be completed in time for the 2025 snow season.

Where is the new Double Chair at the moment?

The new Chairlift instructure has been sitting at the Doppelmayr factory in Jindabyne since 2022, ready for installation.  The project was unable to proceed until Development Consent was granted by the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, which only occured at the end of February 2024.  Charlotte Pass is currently working through the 15 additional Management, Operational and Legislative approvals that the Department of Planning have required prior to works commencing.

Substantive construction works on-site will commence in October 2024, with work completed in time for the 2025 snow season.