Charlotte Pass Snow Resort is committed to continually improve its environmental management performance and reduce its impacts on the environment.

Charlotte Pass Snow Resort strives to achieve a sustainable balance between the protection and maintenance of the environment, exercising social responsibility and providing a high quality experience. A key part of our commitment is through the development of the resort’s Environmental Management System (EMS). An EMS provides the framework for assessing the resort’s impacts on the environment, setting and reviewing goals/targets to reduce those impacts, monitoring environmental management performance and communicating the outcomes.

Charlotte Pass Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

STP Monitoring Results

Did you know? The base of Guthries High Speed Poma is home to the largest colony of mountain pygmy possums in NSW. The Mountain Pygmy-possum is a threatened species that is found only in Australia’s alpine and sub-alpine region. Charlotte Pass Snow Resort works closely with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service to monitor this population of the Mountain Pygmy-possum.